Bed Bug Treatments

HomePro Pest Control has a reputation for being trust worthy. I had initially used another company and I was not happy with them at all. I had bites on my leg on New Years Eve and I was freaking out. I called up Mike at HomePro Pest Control and he calmed me down right away. I must have called him ten times on New Years Day and he was so amazing with me. He did two treatments for possible bed bugs and answered all of my questions. Mike was REALLY fantastic and I’d give him the highest marks.

Friendly and knowledgeable

I have been with HomePro Pest Control for over a year now. They are reliable, reasonable and Julian our service technician is not only friendly but very knowledgeable. I have and would recommend them to any business looking for pest control.

I had carpenter ants

I found a bunch of black ants in my house in the middle of winter and called HomePro Pest Control. Their technician, Doug returned my call promptly and came and inspected my home and informed me that I had carpenter ants. After 2 treatments he was able to get rid of my pest problem. I would recommend HomePro Pest Control to anyone looking for pest control services in their home.

Raccoon troubles

To whom it may concern, I heard noises in the attic and called HomePro Pest Control. Julian came to our house and after inspecting our attic and exterior, he determined it to be a raccoon. Julian was very professional and understanding of our concerns, not only was he able to help us get rid of the raccoon asap but he was able to repair the hole where the raccoon entered so this would not happen again. Thank you for your hard work and understanding to our concerns. I will recommend Julian and HomePro Pest Control. Regards, Alfonse

Thanks HomePro Pest Control!

To whom it may concern, I would like to take this opportunity to thank HomePro Pest Control and, specifically its technician Bryan Shantz, for his courteousness, promptness and exemplary service. As a first time homeowner, dealing with a pest issue is stressful, at best, but discovering a brazen rat in our kitchen, a week before Christmas was truly a nerve wracking experience. We scrambled to find someone to help with the situation and were not disappointed with our choice of HomePro Pest Control. Not only did Bryan Shantz arrive exactly when he said he would, he quickly demonstrated himself as a friendly and knowledgeable and promptly identified the problem and the entry point for our unwelcomed visitor.

Dealing with vermin in your home is struggle enough but having the unexpected expense of pest control amidst the busy holiday season was dampened by the positive experience of hiring HomePro Pest Control. I am still amazed that Bryan was able to catch a live rat with nothing more than his wits and a garbage bag. This is a story that will be regaled for years.

HomePro Pest Control industry-leading DOUBLE GUARANTEE


Only HomePro Pest Control offers its industry-leading DOUBLE GUARANTEE, our ONE YEAR GUARANTEE to exterminate the contractual pest within the guarantee period, backed by HomePro Pest Control's GUARANTEE of Certified Expert Advice and Service.

Pest Control Warantee