5 Step Certified Expert Evaluation


Step 1 – Your Property

Our Certified Pest Control Expert conducts a thorough inspection of your respective commercial property with particular attention to common pest “hot zones” such as entry points, food and water sources, client and staff zones – particularly high traffic areas – and shelters and or lodgings. As no two properties are the same – from the condition of the physical plant and the type of business conducted, to environmental factors such as climate – the evaluation of a HomePro Pest Control Certified Pest Control Expert is a critical component in the development of an effective Integrated Pest Management solution for your specific pest control requirements.


Step 2 – The Intruder

With a thorough understanding of your respective commercial property’s “hot zones”, our Expert identifies the “intruder” and works with you to determine the extent of the intrusion and issue zones in order to eliminate the potential for infestations and to effectively manage the existing areas.

3Step 3 – Sanitation Management Protocol

The most critical factor in effective pest management, after the identification and development of an Integrated Pest Management solution to manage facility hot zones, such as entry points, is the development and implementation of a comprehensive Sanitation Management Protocol, an integral and critical component of an effective Integrated Pest Management program.


Step 4 – The Right Remedy

Our HomePro Pest Control Expert now possesses the critical information required to begin the implementation of an effective, and customized Integrated Pest Management solution that always utilizes non-chemical control options prior to the introduction of chemical based solutions


Step 5 – The Follow Up – Integrated Pest Management

An Integrated Pest Management plan, including regularly scheduled monitoring and the adjustment of techniques by a HomePro Pest Control Expert, is a critical component in effective on-going pest management control and the prevention of potential infestations. This process includes detailed documentation of our Expert’s finding, recommendations and the actions taken at your respective location and is available for your review, or to provide to any regulatory agencies through your personal and confidential IPM, accessed on your HomePro Pest Control web account.

HomePro Pest Control industry-leading DOUBLE GUARANTEE


Only HomePro Pest Control offers its industry-leading DOUBLE GUARANTEE, our ONE YEAR GUARANTEE to exterminate the contractual pest within the guarantee period, backed by HomePro Pest Control's GUARANTEE of Certified Expert Advice and Service.

Pest Control Warantee