Bats are dangerous to the occupants and visitors of a home and must be removed with great care. If you think you have bats roosting in your home, call a professional right away. Particularly if your home contains young, old or infirm family members. Bats can be infected with a virus called capsulatum histoplasme which may be excreted in their feces, also known as guano. Accumulations of guano in homes can spread infection to humans through airborne particles. The symptoms of histoplasmosis vary in severity from flu-like symptoms, to chronic lung disease, to blindness and even death in rare cases. Infants, young children, and older persons, in particular those with chronic lung disease, are at increased risk for developing symptomatic Histoplasmosis.

Bat bugs are another major concern with bats in homes. Bat bugs are relatives to bed bugs. Bat bugs primarily feed off bat blood but can spread throughout the home to feed off other animals, including humans.

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Physical Characteristics

Fur is brown and may be long and shiny. The wing membranes, ears, feet, and face are dark brown to blackish in color.

Shape: Body is elongated (similar to a mouse) and is 3 - 5" long.
Size: Wingspan is 8.5" to 13"
Legs: Two


Bats roost in attics, crawl spaces, soffit interiors, spaces between roof decking and ceiling boards and other nooks and crannies within the home.

Food Source

Bats mostly eat small flying night bugs like mosquitoes, moths and others.


Bats are frequent carriers of rabies, which is potentially fatal if left untreated.As many as 40,000 people each year in the North America are exposed to animals that might have rabies, and must receive preventive treatments.

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