Carpenter Ants

If you suspect Carpenter Ants have invaded your structure, eliminate sources of standing water. Seal cracks into the structure. Do not store firewood or building material near your home as these are attractive nesting sites. Home Hardware Pest Control can safely and effectively remove Carpenter Ants from your space.

Physical Characteristics

Usually red, black or a combination of both

Shape: Segmented Oval
Size: 1/4" for workers to 3/4" for a queen
Legs: Sx


Carpenter ants excavate wood to build their nests. Nests can commonly be found in homes, porches, tree stumps and firewood, etc. They need a constant supply of water to survive. Carpenter ants enter homes through cracks around doors and windows or holes created for wires. Once they have settled in, these pesky creatures are challenging to completely eliminate on your own. Professional help is recommended.

Food Source

Ants will eat almost anything - insects, meat, nuts, cheese, fruit or vegetable matter.


As carpenter ants nest in wood, their presence in a structure poses an immediate threat to the wood in the home or office where the invasion has occurred.

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