House Mice

House mice breed remarkably fast. If you have seen one mouse, you may have several more waiting in the nest. They are spreaders of disease and can contaminate food and damage homes.
Home Hardware Pest Control uses special controls and specialized equipment to effectively remove these pests from your space.

Physical Characteristics

Short haired that is light brown, grey or black with lighter bellies. Their ears also have hair, but much less than their bodies

Shape: Long
Size: Weigh approximately 12-22 grams and can grow up to 10 centimeters from their nose to tail
Legs: Four


House mice are the most common of all rodents in most parts of the world. They are nocturnal and tend to nest within structures and burrows. They can breed throughout the year and can share nests. They can have litters as often as every 40 to 50 days, with 4 to 7 young per litter. House mice tend to nest within 30 feet of a food source.

Food Source

Grains, but will go for any available food source.


Micro droplets of mouse urine can cause allergies in children. House mice can also bring fleas, ticks and lice into a home. They are also potential carriers of disease.

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