House Spiders

If you suspect house spiders have invaded your home or office, seal cracks and use screens on windows and doors. Use a vacuum to remove adults, egg sacs and webs. If a broom is used, adults usually escape.

Home Hardware Pest Control uses a combination of measures and controls to effectively remove House Spiders from your space.

Physical Characteristics

Yellowish brown, abdomen dirty white with a few dark spots (sometimes with a black triangular spot in the center) to almost black, with several dark stripes meeting at angle above tip of abdomen; legs

Shape: Elongated abdomen
Size: 1/8 to 5/16"
Legs: 8


House spiders will create their webs almost anywhere. They can most likely be found in garages, sheds, basements, ceiling corners, and less trafficked areas of the home.

Food Source

Small insects


House spiders are nuisance pests but pose no threats to humans.

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