Although harmless looking, these pests can be dangerous to pets and may migrate in great numbers.

Home Hardware Pest Control uses special controls and specialized equipment to effectively remove these pests from your space.

Physical Characteristics

Blackish or brownish, some red, orange or with mottled patterns

Shape: Long, cylindrical and worm like.
Size: 1/16 to 4 1/2 inches
Legs: From 30 to 90+ pairs of legs


Millipedes can be found in areas of high moisture and decaying vegetation. Millipedes do not usually survive indoors for more than a few days UNLESS there are high moisture conditions and a food supply present.

Food Source

Millipedes are scavengers, feeding off decaying plants and dead insects.


Some millipede species give off an ill-smelling fluid through openings along the sides of the body. In some instances, this fluid can be toxic to small animals and pets, and can cause small blisters on humans.

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