Pharaoh Ants

Physical Characteristics

Light yellow to reddish brown in colour with a darker abdomen

Shape: Small with a segmented body
Size: 1/16"
Legs: Six


Pharaoh ants are often found in commercial establishments such as hotels, grocery stores and hospitals. Inside, they nest in warm, humid areas near food and water sources. They take advantage of artificial heating in buildings to survive in colder temperatures. However, they can also nest outdoors in lawns or gardens in warmer climates.

Food Source

Pharaoh ants have a wide food preference, ranging from sweets, oils, proteins and dead insects.


Pharaoh ants pose a significant health risk to humans and pets. They are particularly a hazard in hospitals, causing the spread of infection and disease by enter entering wounds and medical instruments. These ants will infest almost every area where food is available.

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