If you suspect Raccoons have nested in your structure, do not attempt to remove them on your own. Raccoons may attacked if provoked and may carry rabies or other diseases.
Home Hardware Pest Control uses special controls and specialized equipment to effectively remove these pests from your space.

Physical Characteristics

Raccoons are marked with a black "bandit-like" mask around the eyes, a distinctive banded tail and body colour ranging from tan to dark brown or black.

Shape: Similar to the shape of a cat but with a distinctive hump back.
Size: From 10 to 30 lbs, and 24 to 36 inches in length
Legs: Four


Raccoons are nocturnal creatures and will rarely be seen during the day. They are extremely territorial creatures and will attack if they feel threatened.

Food Source

Raccoons are omnivores and are very capable of manipulating objects in order to gain entry to food sources.


From upturned garbage cans to ripping up roof shingles to access a structure, these highly destructive creatures are able to access nearly any area they choose. In attics and wall voids, the build-up of raccoon feces and urine can constitute health hazards to the homeowner. Recently, reported rabies in raccoons has increased dramatically, and they are now the major wildlife host of the disease. Family pets which encounter rabid raccoons may become infected and consequently become dangerous to family members.

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