Residential Pest Control Toronto

We’ve been providing Home Owners with expert advice for over 50 years, so naturally HomePro Pest Control and our Certified Pest Control Experts, backed by our industry-leading Double Guarantee, make HomePro Pest Control the only choice to protect your home against unwanted pests such as ants, wasps, cockroaches, and spiders – to name but a few – and we’re available 24/7 to help.

HomePro Pest Control Home Protection Plan* – Our One Year Guarantee that insures if the contractual pest returns following our recommended service with the guarantee period well continue to provide service at no additional charge until your satisfied, or well refund your money.

Home Pest Control Service

HomePro Pest Control Experts provide expert advice and service to insure successful eradication of all the pests identified in our Pest Identifier Tool and we are also experts when it comes to safely and humanely eradicating Bed Bugs Wildlife and Birds.

Bed Bugs

Do you have bed bugs? You are not alone. One in five individuals report having interactions with bed bugs in the last five years, and bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate. But our Certified Pest Control Experts are also experts when it comes to Bed Bugs and utilize a comprehensive process to systematically eradicate bedbugs from every possible hiding space, effectively removing them completely. We offer a full range of Bed Bug elimination services including CANINE DETECTION, utilizing CERTIFIED BED BUG work dogs.

Wildlife & Birds

Raccoons, pigeons, geese and other wildlife and birds can be especially destructive to your property and HomePro Pest Control Certified Pest Control Experts are trained and fully equipped to safely – and humanely – remove these unwanted “guests” using Humane Live Trapping, Exclusion and Humane Repelling.

Seasonal Service

Each season poses specific pest issues, that’s why our Home Pest Control experts conduct a comprehensive inspection of your property – inside and out – for entry points, nesting environments and potential sources of food keeping the pest alive and flourishing and creates a customized plan for your home. Cost effective and conducted by our Certified Pest Control Experts, many extermination companies do not offer our Home Owners Inspection Report, hoping that it will result in a repeat service call, but it’s just another way we’re Home Owners helping Homeowners.

HomePro Pest Control industry-leading DOUBLE GUARANTEE


Only HomePro Pest Control offers its industry-leading DOUBLE GUARANTEE, our ONE YEAR GUARANTEE to exterminate the contractual pest within the guarantee period, backed by HomePro Pest Control's GUARANTEE of Certified Expert Advice and Service.

Pest Control Warantee