Seasonal Pest Control

Each season brings unique pest control challenges. That’s why Home Owners trust our HomePro Pest Control Double Guarantee – our One Year Guarantee to return if the pest returns, backed by HomePro Pest Control’s guarantee of certified expert advice protect you, and your family from seasonal pests. Our Certified Pest Control Experts conduct a comprehensive inspection of your property – inside and out – for entry points, nesting environments and potential sources of food keeping the pest alive and flourishing and create a customized plan for your home. Cost effective and conducted by our Experts, many extermination companies do not include this information, hoping that it will result in a repeat service call but it’s just another way we’re Home Owners helping Homeowners.


Many pests go into a lifeless state during the colder months, but not all activity stops. In many cases, winter brings out a variety of pest problems. For instance, rodents are extremely busy during the winter months. In the GTA, mice are the number one pest problem when the temperature drops. The average female will have 4-8 babies per litter and go into heat just weeks after giving birth. Rats can also become a major problem in inner city settings as they are fond of nesting in dark, safe locations where food and water are available.
Ants, such as pavement, odorous and pharaoh ants are seen in many homes with slab foundations. They will come up from pea-gravel searching for food and water even during the coldest months. These insects are extremely social, so one or two in your home can quickly multiply and invade your home. Therefore, taking preventative measures is key to gaining control over these tiny pests.

Silverfish are nocturnal creatures and require a humid environment. They move fast and tend to go unnoticed. They’re often found in basements, attics and garages. Bathrooms are also a place for them to thrive as they gravitate towards hot-water pipes. While silverfish are mainly a nuisance pest, they can contaminate food and damage paper goods, such as wallpaper and books.
Spiders are a problem year-round for anyone living near a lake, forest preserve or wooded areas as well as inner city. House spiders will create their webs almost anywhere. They most likely will be found in garages, sheds, basements, ceilings corners, and less trafficked areas of a home.


Spring is an ideal time to have a preventative exterior pest control treatment to prevent all crawling insects from entering your home.
Flies will hide away in attics or wall voids and will be one of the first pests to be seen. Even as early as mid-March.

When winter thaws, wasps will wake up from their deep sleep and make themselves a nuisance. The pregnant queens will find an ideal location, such as an eavetrough or soffit to begin building their nests. They will sting if they feel that they are being threatened or their nest is in danger.
Ants love the spring, especially carpenter ants. They will make themselves known as they forage for food, looking for any type of food to eat. Ants will eat almost anything – insects, meat, nuts, cheese, fruit or vegetable matter. They especially will be attracted to sweet-tasting food.


In the GTA and Southern Ontario, summer is the peak season for many pests.
Wasps will show up in large numbers in June. They are aggressive in nature and often sting as a way to protect their colonies from people attempting to remedy an infestation on their own. This aggressiveness combined with their social nature often means that these pests attack in large numbers, sometimes stinging a victim repeatedly. This adds potential for greater skin irritation or a risk for serious allergic reaction.
Clover mites are also a common pest during the summertime. They will start out as blood-red dots that are often seen on door stoops, windows and siding. They turn a dark green as they feed on vegetation.
As humidity rises, centipedes , pill bugs and earwigs tend to show up in large numbers, starting in May and reaching their peak in June and July.


As temperatures cool, many pests will move indoors or find other shelter. For instance, yellow jackets are very aggressive in September as the number of wasps looking for food becomes quite large. Spiders will also follow their food sources indoors.
Mice will become more noticeable in October and November. They become a challenge as they can easily co-exist with humans, living in walls, attics and sharing their food and water. They favour stored bird seed, pet food, fruit and any other food source that may be left out on counters or in pantries.

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