Wildlife & Birds

Pigeon Control

bird-managementOne of the most common birds found around homes and building structures are pigeons. Pigeons have become an urban bird, and highly dependent on humans for food and nesting areas. Pigeons prefer to be around feeding areas, parks, schools, city buildings, bridges, homes and many other structures. Not only are they a nuisance, these birds can carry diseases such as mites, fleas and ticks that can be passed to humans. They can cause damage to buildings and equipment, clog drains and gutters with droppings and nesting materials.
Physical exclusion includes netting, which is considered to be the single best method of reducing bird roosting, nesting and feeding. Not only is this method effective, but it is economically feasible for a long period of time. Spike strips and wires are popular methods to prevent bird roosting on ledges. These methods are relatively inexpensive and not difficult to install, but if they are not properly located can become ineffective.

Raccoon Control

Raccoons are primarily nocturnal but live in constant search for shelter and food. Categorized as territorial and destructive pests, they can cause significant structural damage to your home, invade and infest living spaces with fleas and other parasites and can carry rabies and roundworm. They use their expert “hands” to open garbage cans, remove siding and tear off shingles. The raccoon population has increased dramatically, and now the major wildlife host for disease. Family pets which encounter rabid raccoons may become infected and consequently become dangerous to family members. If you suspect you have one of these unwanted tenants living under your roof, do not attempt to remove them on your own. Call a licensed raccoon removal professional immediately to protect your family and home.

HomePro Pest Control’s raccoon control and exclusion professionals can handle even the most demanding challenge. We will identify how they are gaining access into the home, get them out and then create a custom raccoon exclusion plan to keep them out.

Squirrel Control

These creatures live in a variety of natural habitats as well as harboring in many man-made structures. Squirrels may attack if they feel threatened, especially if a female squirrel feels their nest is in danger. Left undisturbed, they can cause considerable damage to a home by causing destruction to an exterior trim and siding of any home as they widen their hole or make a new one. Once inside the home, they can gnaw on just about anything, including electrical wiring, which can cause a short or a fire. Squirrels can also carry fleas and other undesirable parasites that can infest your home. If you suspect you have one or more of these critters, call a professional to determine how they are gaining access and to safely remove them from your home.

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