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Multi-Unit Residential

High-rise apartment and condo buildings are prone to pest issues for a number of reasons. The units in the building are all physically connected to one another through electrical, plumbing and heating components allowing pests such as cockroaches, bed bugs and mice to move easily between units. High level of resident turnover and foot traffic also increases opportunities for pests to be introduced to the environment.

The consequences of pest infestations are serious for multi-unit residential properties. Pests can cause structural damage and pose a health risk to tenants. It can also affect the image of the building and tenant turnover.

We know that pest sightings in the building can become a huge headache for property managers. That’s why you need a pest control provider who can respond quickly and resolve pest issues before they spread to other units or throughout the building. We will provide you with a tailored pest treatment plan for your building which includes ongoing preventative maintenance to the common areas of the building.

We can help you with the following services in your buildings:

  • Common area treatments
  • Full building inspections
  • Exterior rodent protection
  • Preventative bed bug treatments
  • Pigeon control programs
  • Wildlife removal
  • Odour control

Looking for more information about a specific pest? Visit our Pest Library.