If you suspect centipedes have infested your space, reduce areas of moisture in and around your structure.

Home Hardware Pest Control uses special controls and specialized equipment to effectively remove these pests from your space.

Physical Characteristics

Yellowish to dark brown, sometimes with marker stripes or markings.

Shape: Elongated, flattened, worm like
Size: 1/8 of an inch - 6 inches
Legs: 15 - 177 pairs of legs


Centipedes are nocturnal. They typically like areas of high moisture such as damp basements, crawlspaces, bathrooms and potted plants.

Food Source

Flies, spiders, and plant tissue.


Centipedes are generally considered nuisance pests, as they do not pose significant health or property threats. However, all centipedes have poison jaws with which they inject venom into their prey. If handled roughly, some larger species can inflict a painful bite that can break human skin and causes pain and swelling, similar to a bee sting.

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